Swans in black and white

Hello my friends, I hope you had a safe and joyful new year! Lots has been happening here – I’ve changed my url to artymissk.com (it feels so cool to be .com) and I thought that I’d kick off my first real post of the year with some photo editing.

I really love black and white images – they feel timeless so I thought I’d have a go at editing the swan photos that I took last year.

These pictures are beautiful in colour of course but the elegant tones of black and white really highlight the shape of the birds.

Mute Swans really are magical birds. The local ones although being totally wild, are really rather domesticated and friendly! They get incredibly close – the adults are enormous and will actually take food form your hands.

I particularly love the picture on the right and the way the two birds are really highlighted against the dark, shiny water. It makes me want to go ‘OOOOH, SO PRETTY.’ I totally love how a half decent camera and a black and white filter can make any picture interesting and lovely.

I don’t claim to be some amazing wildlife photographer its just something I do for fun – to be honest I’m just grateful if 1 in 20 images isn’t blurry and I don’t like to touch up photos (unless I’m turning them into an awesome b&w collection) I like the natural mistake that happen and sometimes the best photos have beautiful organic mistakes in them.

I hope you enjoyed these edited wildlife pictures. If you fancy reading the original post its HERE

Thanks so much for reading, have a great weekend.


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