Spring Beach {Photography collection}

This weeks post is all about the beach and seeing as the weather has been so good I thought I’d share some recent snaps.

So enjoy some seaside photography…I hope these photos bring as much sunshine to your day as much as they did mine. Did you know that beaches are made from their surround and can be identified by the materials they are made of – like a finger print, how cool is that!

I love how the rock formations are really dark in the foreground, with a little light cutting through between the rocks and shining on the sand and water. Even my dog wanted to be in this one…

I don’t think it matters what part of the world you’re in, there is something truly magical about sun, sea and sand!

The beach while seemingly being nothing more than miles of golden sand actually has these little flat pebbles in it – I’m a huge believer in collecting pebbles and the ones here are made of so many different shades and patterns.

Also isn’t it amazing how when the light is good photos look 100% better. The tide was staring to come in at this point so the rock pools were once more underwater.

I got so many shots of the sun shining on the waves like this.

The water was so clear and with the brightness from the sun it felt like I was on a peaceful tropical island!

This is one of my favourite pictures from the day. The sea was so inviting (if a tad on the chilly side!) and sunlight just made my heart happy.

I really hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do, because they bring me a great amount of positivity and happiness. Which photo was your favourite? Do you have any suggestions or feedback about my blog?

As always thank you so much for reading my friends, and have a lovely week! 


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