Closer details

Water of life close-up-2 Water of life close-up-3                                    Water of life close-up-1

Design specs and illustrations for Water of Life collection, so starting at the beginning no.1 is a coat with abstract frill on front side seam, made in bright blue cotton, with a corset and trousers in a pleated silk fabric in a mushroom colour, next to that is  a silky trapeze top, with a high-waisted pencil skirt made in ombre dyed knitted wool. The third is a double breasted long grey wool coat with white ‘frills’ on the side of the button band (would be made as out fit no.5) the fourth, a simple dress that buttons at the front and has a 3 tier bustle built into the back, made in bright blue cotton, with no.5 is a shorts and jacket (with a built-in bustle at the back) combo in ombre dyed knitted wool, with a silk trapeze top in the pleated silk underneath and finally a grey suit with white “frills” along the length of the body, (which would be made as outfit no.6).


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