New dragon doodles {Art}

Happy Friday friends. This is a little bit of a then and now post. Some recent doodles and an old one to compare together.

These were drawings I did (along with about one hundred others) in 2020-2021 during the pandemic. I bought a set of Arteza brush pens – which are amazing and got into the habit of drawing something everyday. I do feel the yellow one is way too much like Spyro, so maybe not purple and yellow in the future!

It’s amazing how much my style changed over the years. Especially when compared to drawings I did back in 2013!

I seem to naturally be moving towards illustrating with black ink and water colours, rather than pencil and acrylic, having never really compared my art in a ‘then and now’ sort of way, but I cannot believe how much my style has changed and improved with age!

Thank you reading have a great weekend.