Valentines World Turtles {Art}

Hello friends! 

This coming Tuesday is Valentines day and I decided a while back that I wanted to create some love themed art so this week I wanted to share a new illustration with you. My growing collection of World Turtles now contains Spring, Autumn and Winter illustrations and I thought why not create a Valentines day one too!!!

So this painting features two World Turtles – As its a love themed I wanted the colours to reflect the theme of love – using lots of reds and pinks. Foliage wise the trees in vibrant shades of green and help to create a heart in the negative space between the turtles.

The first World Turtle had a sun deck and the Autumn one had a star gazing platform, but for this one I wanted the castles to have a typical fairytale male and female vibe – the girly one has ivy growing on it! So the turtles turned out to be a boy and a girl (but obviously love comes in more forms that just Male/Female!!)

And I wanted the actual turtles to incorporate red and pink colours and kinda mirror each other. Its A3 sized like the others, and the process is the same I start by  drawing the whole image lightly with a HB pencil and then draw it ‘properly’ using a calligraphy ink quill-pen with Windsor & Newton Black Indian ink to fill in the details. Because there are two turtles in this illustration they’re much smaller and the fiddly details are drawn with a 0.1 fine liner.

Its then painted using Arteza watercolours and brush pens – which I absolutely love! 

Yeah, so that’s it for this week…What do you think? I’d love some feedback on this piece. I modelled the castles on an old fairy tale imaginary ones and really love the personalities these two have….next week I’m thinking of posting a new One Frame from some recent adventuring to a magical place.

Thanks for checking out this art post and as always I wish you a wonderful week, may it be filled with love and happiness! 

© ArtyMissK 2023


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