A Woodland Walk {Photography}

Hello friends!

Who doesn’t feel at home in a woodland? 

My inner elf just wants to be set free and run through the trees barefoot. I’ve taken a break from decorating this week and given myself a little chance to explore my new surround – a brilliant mix of woodland and fields (filled with sheep!) I can even hear them baa-ing from my bedroom which is amazing!!

The village I’ve moved to is only a mile across and you can walk for miles before you see another human being.

There’s even a 400 year old church and the bell still tolls the hour, which is rather quaint. 

The woods are filled with some of the prettiest snowdrops and foliage ever, its so relaxing to be out in the wild – something I wasn’t prepared for was how quiet it is, the bird song at dawn and dusk is incredible and I haven’t heard a plane since I moved! 

I wanted to take you guys along with me so you could enjoy the relaxing and calming atmosphere too! I hope these photos bring as much peace to your day as much as they did mine.


Let’s go!

Snowdrops are pretty much one of if not my favourite flower. The way they burst out in February showing winter that its time is over for the year while everything else hibernates.

I don’t actually know what this little yellow flower is but I like how everything surrounding it is in focus while the flowers itself isn’t.

There are some amazing trees here their trunks are often quite gnarly with plenty of creeping ivy and fluffy lichen. Almost as if they’re slowly being claimed by the rest the plant life in the area.

I imagine some of these trees must be hundreds of years old!

I’m fairly certain this is a multi headed daffodil (maybe) but I like how it looks ‘caged’ by the small dead branches.

This gnarled tree branch looks like some sort of monster, maybe an orc or goblin. Its got eyes and fangs and if it was outside my house would definitely be scary in the night! I imagine it was made by something – possibly a Greater Spotted Woodpecker, trying to either turn it into a house or to eat whatever was already living there.

I kinda feel life has been hard on this poor branch.

More snowdrops, these were actually growing by the side of the road (using the term ‘road’ loosely) I love how many textures there are in this image.

Ferns and moss are literally everywhere – apparently there is a pesky bug called a fern tick, another reason not to go skipping barefoot through the woods. I’m thinking of taking some crayons and tracing paper to try and get some rubbings of these leaves on my next adventure in that direction.

Is this moss, or lichen or even a type of fern – I’ve no idea but its so pretty and super soft to touch!

When I was little I used to think that snowdrops were a sort of lantern for fairies because of how bright they are against the gloom.

This part of the world is definitely snowdrop country the grow in their hundreds along banks and amongst the trees, even by the roadside. These ones were like a waterfall cascading down the bank and pooling by the roadside.

Another mossy lichen tree trunk here, this one is more or less fully claimed by the stuff and I particularly like the contrast in colour between the green of the tree and the bleached straw colour of the protruding sticks and stems.

I think there are 4 or 5 types of leaf in this photo, it lovely how ‘wild’ they are not just grown in little pots so that they can mingle and spread into their neighbours space.

The lone snowdrop is my favourite photograph of the day (second place is the gnarly branch!) I love how soft the background is with all focus solely on the flower.

I love the natural tones of this shoot, the colours are naturally muted due to the time of the year, but I think the effects are quite romantic. I haven’t used any post processing on these photos the natural light was enough – the light in Cornwall is amazing .

So that’s it for this weeks post…I really hope you enjoyed these woodland foliage photos because they filled me a great amount of positivity and happiness. Did you have a favourite photo? Next week I’m hoping to post a new illustration. 

As always thank you so much for reading my friends, and have a lovely week!


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