Fungi Patterns {Art}

Hello friends!

This week I want to share a little bit of photo editing with you! a while ago I decided to see if I could find anything magical to photograph and went out in the wilderness where I found a little patch of grassland fungi! These beautiful mushrooms were so tiny and their colours seemed so vivid against the green of the grass (especially in December!). And then I thought instead to just editing them, why not manipulate them in Affinity to try and create some interesting patterns.

So, enjoy some wild foraging symmetry…

Symmetry is apparent when both sides of a photo mirrors the each other, createing a feeling of harmony and making the image more pleasing to look at. Now there are some with a great enough talent to do this naturally when using a camera – I find it easier and more fun to put an image into my photo editing and manipulation software (I use Affinity Photo its like Adobe Photoshop.) and then repeat the image the desired amount of times, flipping and rotating were necessary.

These first three patterns were created from the image of the mushroom on the left. It’s quite a pretty little shot, with a good amount of layering in it. As I’ve said before I never eat mushrooms I find, I don’t even like to touch them – unless I’m with someone who genuinely knows what they’re doing! I just like to look at them.

There’s a thing on twitter each week called #SymmetrySunday its so much fun, there are some immensely talented photographers in the world and it’s great to interact with nature lovers all over the world.

There was one little patch of dried grass and dirt in the field, with a few uprooted mushrooms – almost as if something had been digging, but the dry crunchy bits made some really amazing textures.

According to the American physicist Alan Lightman, human brains actually strive to see things symmetrically. “The reason must be partly psychological,” he says. “Symmetry represents order, and we crave order in this strange universe we find ourselves in.”

The photo on the left is one of my favourites from the shoot. I love how it really feels as though you’re down on the mushrooms level, almost as if you’re Alice in the field of wild flowers. The way the light hits the mushroom is also amazing…and I didn’t have to do a single thing!

Thats is for this week! I really hope you enjoyed this little slice of symmetrical nature. Do you have a favourite picture? It’s been so much fun messing about with these photographs.

As always thank you for reading my friends, and I wish you a wonderful week!


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