Alice in Wonderland {Art}

Hello my friends!

This week I want to share an art post with you, Alice in wonderland is and has always been one of my favourite things in the world, the story is fun, the original art was truly incredible and the 1951 Disney movie was my second favourite film as a child (the top spot belonged to Sleeping Beauty!)

So this week I thought I post not 1 or 2, but 10 pieces of Alice in Wonderland related art.

Firstly, if you’ve read my other art posts then you’ll know just how much I love my set of Arteza brush pens. They work like normal colouring pens but instead of a felt tip they have a brush one (as the name implies!) but can be used with water to create watercolour paint – its so nice to have an amazing array of colours with the need to carry around all the little watercolour paint blocks, plus the colours are super vibrant too!

‘The little Blue Caterpillar’ sat on a Fly agaric mushroom complete with a few tufts of grass, is first drawn with ink and then block coloured.

If it hasn’t been mentioned before I love calligraphy art and hand lettering ‘The Secret Alice’ quote is from the Disney movie, but it’s not actually in the book and wasn’t written by Lewis Carroll. But, as quotes go it’s a lovely one and it meant I could write ‘Alice in Wonderland’ in gold ink within the design!

‘I want a clean cup’ is drawn to look like a teacup, using 4 shades of blue watered to a very thin consistency and then written with a calligraphy pen.

The Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit and Smoke Crocodile are all drawn as the characters from the 1951 Disney movie, which was Disnney’s 13th animated feature film. As a bit of useless information Kathryn Beaumont voiced Alice and was also the voice of Wendy Darling in the later Disney film, Peter Pan.

Of the 3 images above the White Rabbit in the centre is the strongest, the rabbit himself is actually coloured in with white ink, just to give it a slight colour difference to the paper.

The smoke crocodile is drawn with watercolour pencil and then drawn over with chalk and charcoal pencils.  

The smiling Cheshire Cat is drawn with 2B, 6B and 8B Graphite Windsor & Newton pencils and ‘Why is a raven?’ is drawn with a black ink pen and I crafted the words with silver wire.

Another teacup design ‘Take Some More Tea’ is drawn using 4 shades of green, when compared side by side with ‘I want a clean cup’ I really think it might’ve looked better in blue.

I think the blue coloured version looks more in keeping with a vintage china teacup.

Last but not least, Alice drawn with a fine liner (0.3 tip) I might spend a little while colouring this in or add it to Affinity and work on it on the computer in the style of my profile icon.

So, there we have it ten pieces of art, I hope you enjoyed this Alice in Wonderland inspired post. Do you have a favourite picture? As always I wish you a wonderful week ahead and thanks so much for reading this post!


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