Wildflowers in the spring {Photography}

Hello my friends!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but changing my url threw up a few challenges with my site and I though that it was best to get the issues sorted before posting anything else! But it gave me a chance to tweak a few things that I’d already posted and I’ve been able to redesign my avatar!

Seeing as this is my first post since the start of meteorological spring I thought I’d share some flower photography with you.

Its amazing how autumn is my favourite season until spring and summer arrive in full force and the beautiful colours of regrowth bloom and all the bees come back…even this early in the year there are bees in the garden and quite a lot of butterflies!

So, enjoy some floral photography…

These are two of my favourite plants to grow the little white daisy type flowers are camomile and the other is actually a runner bean flowers – they both attracted so many bees last year! Runner bean flowers in particular are so delicate and watching them slowly creep over the green house frame was amazing.

Last year was actually my first real attempt at gardening and really I just bought seeds and hoped for the best, but I did actually manage to grow morning glories and blue cornflowers which are lovely to have near each other because of the contrasting textures, but the morning glories really needed a lot of water or they went flat and lifeless!

I even had a go at growing some herbs which added a lovely scent to the flower beds.

Parts of the garden I let re-wild to try and create a meadow for nature, letting a section re-wild was nice because while it attracted a lot of insects (I even found a Stag Beetle) it didn’t take too much effort on my part.

A unless fact about cornflowers is that they were worn by young men in love; if the flower faded too quickly, it was taken as a sign that the man’s love was not returned. While echinacea is actually a member of the daisy family and has long been used as a remedy for colds!

Something I really enjoyed about this photography collection is the natural, vibrant colour scheme paired and how the plants naturally have lots of contrast and texturing. For instance, the delicateness of the cornflower petals with the slightly rough texture of the cornflower stems.

Thats is for this week! I really hope you enjoyed this little slice of floral heaven. Do you have a favourite picture? It’s been so lovely being outside with the flowers…next Friday is Earth day 2023 so I’m hoping to create a little post about our wonderful planet!

As always thank you for reading my friends, and I wish you a wonderful week!


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