Embroidered Large white butterfly {Art}

Hello friends! I hope you had a good week!

I’ve got a new butterfly embroidery to share this week. I’m really happy with the Large White photograph (that I posted last week!) I particularly love this type of butterfly – they’re so beautiful but because the caterpillars eat cabbages humans consider them a pest.

So I decided to embroider one similar to my Holly Blue.

After I roughly draw the four wings and body shapes onto the piece of calico I then filled them in with the closest coloured threads I had. I like to block colour first using two stands of embroidery floss and then blend using a single strand (on the tiny needle) and created a backing canvas with the butterflies name in a hoop with plain calico – in my best handwriting.

This one is a little bigger than the Holly blue butterfly that I posted a couple of weeks ago and is about 4 1/2 inches across, the stitches are so tiny! The Large white is a little different to the holly blueing so far as the body of the butterfly has a crocodile clip sewn on so that I can attach them to plants around the house!

Well that’s it for this week…I’ve got a few more of these on the way and am thinking of putting them on my etsy…maybe. My idea at the moment is to create needlework butterflies of all the real ones I see!

What do you think? Should they be bigger? I’d love some feedback on this piece. Thank you so much for reading this post, and I wish you a prosperous week ahead!

ps. if you want to check out the Holly Blue butterfly embroidery its HERE


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