Pretty Winter Textures {Photography}

Hello my friends!

Nature is magical isn’t it?!

There are so many different textures to be found. So this week I wanted to share some snaps I’ve taken recently. I wanted these photos to have a slightly ‘silver’ theme, seeing as its winter and there aren’t loads of brightly coloured daisies and the like. I wanted to take you with me into a wintery world of texture.

This is actually a close up of some old straw, I really love this image and how sone of the straw still has the wheat on the ends – it looks a little dirty, but I think it would make a great painting!

These little cut up sticks are actually in the garden of my new house, even in the winter Cornish light is something I truly love when it comes to creating art or taking photographs!

This picture kinda reminds me of a sunrise, with the shorter sticks at the bottom being the ground and the colours of the long sections are the sky.

These cracked rocks are part of the cliffs at Perranporth Beach, I think they’re slate of some sort – mainly I love the colours and wear that has ingrained into them by the harsh costal weather. 

As a useless bit of info about the area it is considered Poldark country after the books written by Winston Graham and recently re-made for tv on the BBC!

There are some wicked rock pools on the beaches here – occasionally you even see fish in them! And some of them are super deep! But they are often much deeper than they look. I like to think that the scratches on these rocks were left by mermaids carving their names in the stone.

This is my favourite image from the day, I love how the tree is almost trying to hide the old ruins…it reminds me of something from Game Of Thrones.

I love the naturally muted tones of this shoot, its a little quite effective.

So that’s it for this week. Next week I’m thinking maybe some art or perhaps another recent One Frame…meanwhile I really hope you enjoyed these textured photos. Did you have a favourite picture? Now it’s beginning to get and stay lighter for longer, I’m hoping to be able to get out and explore my new surrounds of countryside and beaches – apparently there are even some standing stones nearby which I can’t wait to visit…as soon as it stops raining.

And as ever thanks you so much for reading and I wish you a happy and prosperous week ahead!


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