A Sycamore in Spring {One frame}

Hello my Friends!

Can you believe it, we’re already sneaking up on the end of May?! Its finally stopped raining long enough to get some proper gardening done and I’m totally loving being outdoors!

Anyway, its been about a month since I posted my last One Frame and I’ve got a new shot of some beautiful green leaves to share with you this week. When I moved into my home in I totally fell in love with the huge tree at the bottom of the garden and have had to wait for months to identify it.

I did try guessing, but was way off!

According to the National Trust its a Sycamore scientifically named Acer pseudoplatanus (no I didn’t just key board smash that’s a real word!) its considered a broadleaf tree, can live up to 400 years and grow to be 35m tall! 

At the beginning of April I actually thought it was dead, it came into bud so late! But now the flowers sort of look like soft, fluffy spikes – almost like lilac flowers. It’s amazing how much life is supported by this single tree. On a side note tomorrow (20/5) is World Bee Day and the noise of the bees collecting pollen during the day is like a jet engine. I’m hoping to get a photo of a bee on the flowers and am even trying to photograph the birds that visit the garden (which is taking a little practice) I’m not sure what kind of camera I’d even need to get sharp clear photos of something the size of a blue tit (which is so tiny) from say 30 feet away and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I can’t wait to watch this tree develop its fruits in the autumn, they’re called Samaras – but I’ve always called them helicopters. I can’t believe how blessed I am to be the temporary custodian of such a beautiful thing!

I hope you like this little slice of leafy paradise as much as I do because it fills me a great amount of positivity and happiness. Is there anything you feel particularly blessed to be part of? 

Thank you so much for reading this post, and have a lovely, peace filled week!


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