Bug Art #1 The bee and Ladybird {Art}

Hello my friends! 

One of my favourite things in life is listening to the bees buzz and watching the ladybirds zip across the garden. So seeing as I haven’t posted a drawing or painting for a while I thought I’d share two little pencil drawings with you, that I’ve been working on while sitting in the sun enjoying being part of nature.

I’ve drawn a very fluffy bumblebee and a seven spot ladybird beetle, two of the most recognisable bugs in the world – both are postcard size 300gsm paper and are only 13x18cm. They are drawn free hand and created using Arteza pencils.

It’s odd but I don’t often sit down and actually work with colouring pencils too often, but it’s been nice to change things up a bit. Also they’re definitely better than using paint while sitting in the sun.

Seven spot ladybird beetles are particularly beautiful, I love the way they bustle about in the grass and I love having the chance to create some really bright and nature inspired art.

I’m so pleased with this bumblebee, I think I captured the fluffiness of him pretty well, actually I drew one similar back in 2021 and its really cool to see how my style/technique has improved and developed over the last couple of years.

Thank you so much for stopping by to check out my art…I hope you like it! Do you have any suggestions of other bugs I could draw? I wish you a truly wonder filed week ahead…next weeks post is shaping up to be the third of my Fleeting Thoughts.

Ps. If you wanna check out my 2021 bumblebee its HERE!

© ArtyMissK 2023


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