A Garden of Summer Flowers {Photography}

While its raining outside here’s some wonderfully happy pot marigolds. Aren’t they just so sunny!

Spending more time outside has being something I’ve always enjoyed, but this year I really put the effort in to learn gardening and be more at one with nature. So I thought I’d try a and put a collection of flower photography together. These beautiful pot marigolds are particularly vivid against the green of the grass – although I don’t like the smell to them very much.

Enjoy some warm and happy summer colours…

I even tried growing herbs this year as not only are vegetables very important, butters add something special to any meal. Mint, Rosemary and even Camomile were really easy to grow from seed on the window ledge…but I didn’t know that each Chive seed only equalled to one chive so when I planted 3 seeds I was quite disappointed that I didn’t end up with lots of chives so I bought a pot of them instead!

These pink and purple flowers are at the back of the garden and the bees love them! Although unfortunately my Echinacea plant died when I accidentally caught it with the garden trimmer.

Nasturtium’s are also really easy to grow and look so pretty, this year I had them in pots on the floor and tried to train them to grow up the fence…it didn’t work…next year I’m going to grow them in hanging baskets and let them hang down instead. Flowers really are so clever and its so satisfying to grow the from seeds in a pot of dirt.

Something I really like about this shoot is the natural and uncomplicated colour scheme paired with lots of soft textures.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures.

Thanks so much for reading, have a great weekend.