A Beautiful view {One frame}

Hello friends!

A new sea view landscape one frame this week as the weather has been amazing and I’ve been able to explore a little bit I thought I’d take you to my favourite place in the world. You really could be any where in the world, when I’m at this particular spot I like to think that I’m on a magical tropical island in the middle of nowhere! 

Isn’t this an absolutely stellar view?

This was taken in my favourite spot on the cliffs above Perranporth beach in Cornwall, but really it could be in the caribbean (esp when the weather is this amazing!!)

With the sea fading into the distance and the clouds revealing just a little patch of bright blue sky. there’s a tiny patch of sand but the main focus of the image is the little palms and the grasses of the dunes. I feel particularly happy with the way I captured this view – I even managed to keep the horizon level – which is something I always struggle with when taking landscape shots.

So, that’s it for this week post! Next week is the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II so I’m going to post something along the line of celebrating our Longest reigning Queen…I really hope you enjoyed this little slice of paradise, do you have a favourite place in the world? being close to nature is one of the most calming things in the universe and can really settle your sprit when stressed or down. As always I want to thank you for reading and I wish you a wonderful week!


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