Queen Elizabeth II sketch {Art}

In the UK and commonwealth this weekend we are celebrating the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her 70 years on the throne! The bunting is up, the flags are out and we the British are going to have picnics and street parties outdoors…even if its pouring with rain!

So I thought that on this the Platinum Jubilee weekend I would actually post the sketch I’ve completed of Queen Elizabeth II, its been lovely being drawing in the garden the breeze has been lovely. I had a few stamps and thought it would be fun to draw the side portrait that adorns British coins and stamps.

Although I love sitting with a set of pencils and trying to capture a persons image on paper, I’ve never actually posted any of them online because I’m A.) not very good at realistically drawing humans and B.) I have a phobia that people who view my sketches won’t be able to immediately guess who the portrait is of (which is mortifying!).

I’d love to be able to draw and paint people like the old Masters did, but lets be honest that’s never going to happen…

This piece is drawn with Windsor & Newton Pencils (2B, 6B, 8B and smudged in with my fingers!)

So, that’s it for this week…I wish you a happy Platinum Jubilee wherever you are! Next week I’m hoping to share some more summer snaps. Thanks for checking out this sketch, I wish you a happy and glorious weekend!


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