Gatekeeper Butterfly {Photography}

Hello my friends!

Nature is magical isn’t it?!

This weeks post is a new butterfly centred photography collection. Its all about the Pyronia tithonus butterfly or Gatekeeper and over a couple of (very) early mornings it was most courteous and posed for a few pictures. I love insects and I wanted to take you with me into the early morning world of butterflies!

I loved watching the different flowers appear during #nomowmay (I even got up one morning to a huge patch of Ox Eye daisies) that I thought ‘that was fun, let’s let the unwanted plants do their own thing*.’

This is my favourite gatekeeper butterfly photos I managed to take – I love how all the insects patterns and features are so clear and the softness of the background keeps all focus on the butterfly.

Fun fact – the colour and patterning of the wings on this type of butterfly can vary and there are about 12 different recognised patterns.

The image on the right is also a gatekeeper, but compared to the the one taken recently the butterfly has an extra dot on its lower wings.

Isn’t she beautiful! Of course this one might have been male.

So that’s it for this weeks post…I’ve enjoyed photographing different insects so much this year, it’s amazing how quickly nature arrives when you let the unwanted plants do their thing. Do you have a favourite picture? Thank you so much for reading this post and as always have a great weekend!

p.s the photos were taken with my Nikon camera, except image #4 which was taken on my phone.

*I don’t like to label plants with the word weed – a weed is simply a plant that’s not wanted.


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