Holly Blue Butterfly {Photography}

Hello friends!

This weeks post is a butterfly centred photography collection.

I recently got the chance to photograph a new butterfly, I’ve never seen one of these before and I wanted to share it with you. Its been flying around for a couple of weeks but has never landed long enough for me to photograph. Its a Celastrina argiolus butterfly or Holly Blue, and it was so tiny!

Isn’t he gorgeous – it is male the females have more black on the upper wings.

The undersides of the wings are just as beautiful, originally when I saw it I thought the little guy was probably a Common Blue but the small black spots on the wing undersides distinguish the two types of butterfly.

I was so pleased to get a shot with both sides of his wings! I love how sharp and in focus the butterfly is with the background being softer and just slightly out of focus. Isn’t it amazing how fluffy the edges of his wings are!

The veins really caught the light and his wings almost looked iridescent, and I particularly love his stripy legs and antennae. 

Fun fact – the Blue Holly has a wing span range of just 35mm! (the pictures make it seem so much bigger!)

This is my favourite image from the set as you can really see the butterflies features – he has such big eyes!

So that’s it for this week…I really hope you enjoyed a little slice of nature! I’ve so enjoyed photographing and watching the bugs this summer, do you have a favourite picture? As always thank you so much for reading this post and have a great weekend!

p.s the photos were taken with my Nikon camera.


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